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Dear Parents,

in order that your child can grow up healthily and illnesses can be diagnosed at an early stage, all health insurance institutions or social security offices offer ten early screening examinations (U1-U9) free of charge in the first six years of a child’s life. The examinations are an important part of health care.

In Thuringia, the State Law on the Protection of children stipulates that all children living in Thuringia shall be invited to the early screening examinations U4 to U8 from the age of two months on. The Thuringian Ministry for Work, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family has assigned this task to the Centre for Preventive Medicine for Children.

What should you do?

In your child’s case, the exmination U ... is due shortly and you received a Letter of Invitation. Please be sure to take advantage of this important examination for your child and arrange an appointment with your doctor in good time. Please take the enclosed Confirmation of Examination with you to this appointment, as well as the yellow examinations booklet which you received at the time of your child’s birth. After the examination, your doctor is obliged to send the Confirmation of Examination to the Centre for Preventive Medicine for Children. If your doctor has his or her practice in a Federal State other than Thuringia, she/he can only send the Confirmation of Examination to the Centre for Preventive Medicine for Children with your consent.

What happens if you miss an early screening examination?

In this case you will receive an automatic follow-up letter. We ask you once again to arrange soon an appointment for this examination with your doctor. Please, don`t forget to take the Confirmation of Examination with you.

If you have any further questions, please call the Centre for Preventive Medicine for Children directly : Phone-Number 0361 57-3815349.

You will find more information regarding the early screening examinations in different languages on the following website of the Federal Centre for Health Education:

10 opportunities for your child Overview for flyers in 5 languages

Weitere Informationen sowie im Bedarfsfall eine ärztliche Teilnahmebescheinigung finden Sie auf unserer Homepage unter

Online, you can find information in English at

Additional information about the early screening examinations for children you can find at On this website (  leaflets in English, Russian, Turkish and Arabic are available under the button “Informationsmaterial”.

Более детальную информацию о ранней диагностике заболеваний у детей можно найти на интернет-странице

На этой интернет-странице ( в рубрике "информационный материал" доступны брошюры по теме на русском, английском, турецком и арабском языках. internet sayfasında çocuklar için erken teşhis muayeneleri hakkında ek bilgiler bulabilirsiniz.
Internet sayfasında ( “Informationsmaterial” isimli bölümde İngilizce, Rusça, Türkçe ve Arapça dillerinde olan broşürler bulabilirsiniz.

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