Prime Location Thuringia

The outstanding infrastructure, the location in the center of Germany and Europe, smart people and excellent conditions for research and higher education - these are the factors that make Thuringia a first class investment location. Companies from all around the globe already appreciate those merits. But beside them, there are a number of soft factors which make life worth living in Thuringia: an appealing cultural variety, attractive cities, a unique countryside and people who want to make a difference. Thuringia is versatile. Thuringia is matchless.

Thuringia has an attractive blend of industries. The region has long been renowned for its wealth of knowledge in carmaking, machine building, optics and medical technology. But local industry also focuses heavily on other growth industries of the future like solar technology, information and communications technology, life sciences and high-tech services. Industry clusters that have sprung up are encouraged to grow further by the Thuringia government.

Thuringia’s industry landscape is typified by small and medium-sized businesses. With remarkable flexibility and speed, they respond to the challenges of future markets. And they are successful: In 2011, Thuringia’s industry (companies with more than 50 employees) registered sales of € 28.2 bn. In comparison to 1998 figures have almost doubled.

Invest in the future - invest in Thuringia! The State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen) provides full service support for all investors. For further information:

The Maxhütte steelworks in Unterwellenborn
The Maxhütte steelworks in Unterwellenborn