Economic policy

Economic structural transformation in Thuringia has come far, but is not yet complete. The state government’s economic policy therefore focuses on continuing to promote economic development by creating and maintaining conditions favourable to growth and employment. The aim is to take advantage of the economic potential in all parts of the region. The Free State is therefore doing everything in its power to raise Thuringia’s standing even more as a dynamic and innovative business location combining excellent investment opportunities and a high quality of life. Enhancing the attractiveness of Thuringia as a site for relocation, providing support for business start-ups, and improving growth conditions for companies already located here are all objectives of equal importance.

Thuringia’s economic policy revolves around the following main emphases:

  • Stepping up research and development activities in particular by medium-sized businesse and especially by way of high-performance research and technology institutions, promoting innovative clusters and business start-ups, as well as providing support for business projects and collaborative enterprises,
  • Supporting investment activities in the commercial economy,
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of small- to medium-sized enterprises through, e.g., low-interest loans, promotional funding to boost equity capital and consulting offerings,
  • Ensuring a highly qualified workforce through targeted measures in continuing education and further training,
  • Providing a secure, low-cost and ecofriendly energy supply,
  • Needs-based further development of the business infrastructure,
  • Exploiting more fully the potential for tourism.

Economic policy in Thuringia