The Free State of Thuringia

Overall population:  2,2 millions inhabitants

Total area:                 16.172 km² (6.244 square miles)


The 10 biggest cities:
  1. Erfurt
  2. Jena
  3. Gera
  4. Weimar
  5. Gotha
  6. Nordhausen
  7. Eisenach
  8. Suhl
  9. Altenburg
  10. Mühlhausen


Political Structure

State election on 14 September 2014

eligible voters:  1,84 million people
Voter turnout:    52,7 %


Results in %

CDU (Christian Democratic Union)


DIE LINKE (The Left)


SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany)


AfD (Alternative for Germany)


Alliance 90/The Green




More information about the Thuringian State Parliament here: Thuringia’s Landtag



Thuringian State government

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Portrait neu MP Bodo Ramelow kl.
Bodo Ramelow; Picture:

Bodo Ramelow (The Left)
Thuringian Minister-President

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Prof.benjamin-immanuel Hoff 003.jpg
Prof. Dr. Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff, Picture: TSK

Prof. Dr. Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff (The Left)
Head of the State Chancellery and Thuringian Minister of Federal and European Affairs

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Ministerin Heike Taubert
Minister Heike Taubert, Picture:

Heike Taubert (Social Democratic Party of Germany)
Thuringian Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister-President

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Ministerin Anja Siegesmund
Minister Anja Siegesmund; Picture:

Anja Siegesmund (Alliance 90/The Green)
Thuringian Minister for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation

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Minister Georg Maier
Minister Georg Maier; Picture:

Georg Maier (Social Democratic Party of Germany)
Thuringian Minister of Internal Affairs and Local Government

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Minister Dieter Lauinger
Minister Dieter Lauinger; Picture:

Dieter Lauinger (Alliance 90/The Green)
Thuringian Minister of Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection

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Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee
Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee; Picture:

Wolfgang Tiefensee (Social Democratic Party of Germany)
Thuringian Minister of Economy, Science and the Digital Society

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Ministerin Birgit Keller
Minister Birgit Keller; Picture:

Birgit Keller (The Left)
Thuringian Minister of Infrastructure and Agriculture

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Ministerin Heike Werner
Minister Heike Werner; Picture:

Heike Werner (The Left)
Thuringian Minister of Labour, Social Welfare, Health, Women and Family Affairs

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Minister Helmut Holter
Minister Helmut Holter; Picture:

Helmut Holter (The Left)
Thuringian Minister of Education, Youth and Sport

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