Thuringia – land of business

Thuringia continues today to build on its tradition as a prime industrial location in the centre of Germany and of Europe. The economic development process begun in 1990 is bolstered by a large number of high-powered medium-sized enterprises, as well as by investors from both Germany and abroad. Thuringia as economic hub is characterised today by a broadly diversified set of businesses, ranging from the food industry to the automotive industry and onward to high-tech enterprises working in the fields of biotechnology and optoelectronics, and also encompassing a number of trades and a growing service sector.

For many years now, the main engine for growth has been the manufacturing sector, whose gross value added has nearly doubled in the last ten years, and has increased more than fourfold since 1991. The share of manufacturing in Thuringia’s economic output is far above the average for the new German states and, at around 24 per cent, has in the meantime nearly attained the West German level.

Industry in particular is out in front today as measured by a number of indicators. In fact, Thuringia has the highest density of industrial operations of any German state except Baden-Württemberg. There are 79 companies for every 100,000 inhabitants. With respect to industrial jobs, Thuringia leads the new German states (around 64 industrial workers per 1,000 inhabitants).

Business in Thuringia