– central element of spatial data infrastructure in the Free State of Thuringia 


Project Geoproxy 

A project team of the IKG-GIZ constituted in 2005 was given the task of doing the technical realization of the most important contents of the spatial data infrastructure.

The members of this team came from administration units concerned with environmental topics, local affairs and land registration and surveying. The group forms the decision-making committee for the development of the central element of Thuringia’s spatial data infrastructure in terms of data processing, content and organisation. 

Central starting point of a subnational spatial data infrastructure 

The realization of the most important contents of Thuringia’s spatial data infrastructure was very much influenced by the small administrative units throughout the territorial state and led to the idea of developing a central technical element controlled by the state administration that could provide all spatial data of the Free State of Thuringia.

A central financing and integration into the e-government environment of the Free State of Thuringia was agreed on in cooperation with all governmental departments and local authorities. 

Building up the central element Geoproxy

From 2005 to 2008 after a drafting period the building up of a central spatial data server – Geoproxy – was completed. It provides spatial data services for the spatial data of the Free State of Thuringia in line with the OGC standards. The spatial data are stored in a secondary database making them quickly accessible to spatial data services.

Since June 2008 Geoproxy has been available to users within the data network of the state administration as well as via the Internet. 

The operation of Geoproxy is handled by the governmental IT services. Therefore best availability and support for the users can be offered on a very high level.