Welcome to Thuringia

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Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow

Greetings from Thuringian Minister-President Bodo Ramelow on the English homepage of thueringen.de

Welcome to the English pages of the website thueringen.de. You will find here a wealth of information on the Free State of Thuringia: on the region’s cultural riches, eventful history, lovely landscape, and also on attractive investment opportunities.

The website is designed to make you curious to visit Thuringia not only virtually, but also in person. Because our state is certainly worth a visit: whether you come here to hike or ski in the Thuringian Forest, to pay a visit to the Wartburg near Eisenach or the Goethe House in Weimar, or to retrace the historical footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach and Martin Luther: there is plenty to see and discover!

And Thuringia is so easy to get to: thanks to our ultramodern traffic infrastructure, the Free State – set in the heart of Germany and of Europe – can be reached quickly and easily from virtually any point on the continent. On these pages you’ll also find extensive offerings for tourists to our region.

I hope you enjoy perusing our website and I would be delighted if the information we are providing here succeeded in whetting your interest to come and discover Thuringia.

Bodo Ramelow
Minister-President of Thuringia